Are you ashamed of your ride? As a elementary student we were very poor and my mother drove old, barely running cars. I remember being embarrassed as I got out of these rough cars. When I got out of high school I wanted to have the best cars I could afford to prove my worth…


Financing First!!! The Finance and Insurance departments are big profit centers in every car dealership. You have got to be prepared for a battle when you walk in the door. To prepare go to 4 or 5 banks or credit unions to check interest rates and length of your loan. Know the amount of interest…

113015 - 22222 - 1969 PONTIAC TRANS AM WHITE 001

Dealers are gearing up for 2018 because they are scared they are going to lose their customers they have had for years. They are training everyone at the dealership to sell service, upgrades and new vehicles. They don’t want to lose their customers to any other dealership. Be on guard any time you get near…


We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season and the very best possibilities for 2018. San Antonio & New Braunfels car sales were pretty strong throughout 2017, plus both cities experienced some amazing snowfall in December. We are hoping 2018 is an even better year for all of South Texas….


Used-car sales could slide under 3 million units this month across the US combined, but the seasonally adjusted annualized rate is still projected to approach 39 million sales. That’s according to a forecast released last week by Edmunds. The company is projecting 2.9 million used-car sales for November, down from 3.2 million last month. However,…


Proverbs 1:5 let the wise listen and add to their learning. As a customer always needing transportation, we should be cautious and be on guard when walking into a dealership. They are well educated, trained, in meetings, teamed up, continually mentoring you and the sales person, under authority, and on line doing classes to improve…


Gas prices have plunged to their lowest level since 2010. According to AAA, the national average of a gallon of regular gasoline currently stands around $2.00, down nearly $1.50 from where prices were at this time last year. The fall in price is due to factors including increases in Canadian and U.S. production of crude…


We are very excited about the brand new Randy Adams “Learn to Buy and Sell Cars” radio show. See the Home Page for Days and Times.


Our Checklists will allow you to become just like the pros when you go out and search for buying your next used vehicle or when you are looking to sell your vehicle.