Be prepared. (Know what you want & can afford)

1) What price do I want for my car – what is my car worth?
Fill out appraisal form and we can give you a cash offer. You will know where you stand.

2) What will I need to sell my car?
That’s what our checklist can help with!

3) Is my car paid off? How much do I owe on it?
A quick call to your lender can help here. We will purchase your vehicle and pay it off.

4) Are there any improvements that will help sell & get me the most money for my vehicle?
ex. New tires, new paint, floor mats or etc.

5) When selling to an individual – DO NOT invite them to your house. Meet in a public place and have a friend or family member with you. A Police sub station is another great option. This is for everyone’s safety.

6) How do I get paid – meet at one’s bank and have them issue a cashiers check or withdraw money from the bank. This is also for safety purposes.

7) Get copy of ID and fill out Bill of Sale.
Great precaution and needed for tax records too.

Want to sell your vehicle today as quickly as possible?

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