FACT – Buying a car is a bad Investment. Be prepared. (Know what you want and can afford)

1) What to do with my trade – What is the value of my vehicle?
Fill out our appraisal form and we can give you a cash offer.

2) Check your Credit Score.
This will allow you to understand what your finance options are and what interest rate you deserve.
Here is a FREE option to check your credit. www.CreditKarma.com

3) Check with your bank and other banks and financial institutes about financing. Shop, shop, shop for the best rate.
Find the best rate for you.

4) Once you have determined what vehicle you want, check with your insurance company to see how much your insurance will be. This could change your buying direction.

5) Check with your mechanic about the vehicle you are purchasing. Find out if there are common problems with this type of vehicle and/or if the mechanic likes working on them.
(Know issues, fuel mileage & maintenance on vehicle)

6) Check other search engines for your vehicle (besides just dealerships). When you find something you like, go to our website – describe the vehicle get an offer from Randy.
(eBay, Craigslist, Cars.com, Auto Trader, even your local newspaper)

7) When purchasing, make sure the Title is not a salvage or reconditioned because some insurance companies will not insure them. Also make sure actual miles are known.
This dramatically affects price.

8) Check Carfax or Autocheck for previous problems – accidents on vehicles make them worth less.
Determine value of vehicle and compare to asking price. Call us with any questions!

9) If purchasing from an individual (not dealership), make sure Title is in sellers name (ask to see ID). Check Title to see if there is a lien on vehicle and to know the truth about the vehicle.Helps prevent buying a stolen car!

10) Always have a friend or family member with you and meet in public places. Meet at a police sub station, make sure buyer has the money, if the seller has to sell his vehicle in order to buy yours send them to learntobuyandsellcars.com for Randy to purchase.
This is for everyone’s safety.

11) Figure all costs of a vehicle – breakage maintenance brakes, tires, insurance. loss of value every month.
This is just a good standard practice.

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