Too good to true car and truck deals are on Radio… “If you want to make your wife or husband know you love them, you must buy them a luxury vehicle!” Every day you hear that deals like this will never be this good again, except they said that LAST year in December. Make today…


We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday season and the very best possibilities for 2018. San Antonio & New Braunfels car sales were pretty strong throughout 2017, plus both cities experienced some amazing snowfall in December. We are hoping 2018 is an even better year for all of South Texas….


Used-car sales could slide under 3 million units this month across the US combined, but the seasonally adjusted annualized rate is still projected to approach 39 million sales. That’s according to a forecast released last week by Edmunds. The company is projecting 2.9 million used-car sales for November, down from 3.2 million last month. However,…